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“Jeff paints a quietly unnerving portrait of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and his effect on the people of Milwaukee.  Interviews with Dahmer’s former neighbor, the police detective who took his confession and the city medical examiner are intercut with fictional scenes of Dahmer at his most normal and mundane, out in the world like anyone else.  Sometimes evil too must ride the bus.”  — Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times

“Jeff stands apart from the true-crime pack… Swant’s performance is eerily convincing.” — John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter

“…in the realm of independent documentary features, we don’t usually get offerings as quietly compelling and simply unsettling as Jeff, which whittles a massive, disturbing story down to its essence.” — Scott Weinberg, Twitch

“I’d go so far as to say that Jeff is one of the greatest serial killer movies ever made” — John Gholson,

“The movie asks how the ripple effects of a sensational crime such as Dahmer’s reach outward into a community, changing people’s lives and re-arranging their understanding of human nature.  This approach to a true-crime documentary departs significantly from the sensational, and is all the more moving because of it.”  — Rebecca Onion, Austin 360

“Thompson wasn’t interested in just re-telling the same grisly details or another sensational deep dive into Dahmer’s demented mind. Instead the case summary is surprisingly innocuous, given the subject matter, and paired with an unconventional narrative side that follows Dahmer around as a seemingly ordinary citizen.  An intriguing character study with a unique perspective.”  — Jeff Leins, News in Film

“This documentary pulls you deep into the world of its subjects and offers a unique perspective on the Dahmer horrors.  Thompson’s whole approach deserves accolades … Jeff is interesting, dynamic, and absolutely worthwhile.”  — Emmet Duff, Sound on Sight 

“Thompson’s slow-burn peppering of information is deeply unsettling, and his examination of three scarred minds that Dahmer left behind is far more affecting than any attempt to empathize with the killer would have been.”  — Phil Brown,